Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sam Jones Manages to Play his Trump Card Like a Pro!

Sam Jones might not be as good as Mexican drug dealers, but he is perhaps the best when it comes to acting it out. And I am not talking about his performance in front of the camera for any of Smallville episodes, but it’s about his ability to bluff the jury!

Rumors have it that Sam has been able to escape the harsh jail sentence, after he was convicted of illegal drug possession. He would only need to serve a maximum of 12 months in prison, which is much less than the expected penalty of five years.

Hillbilly Heroin, the illegal drug that was found with the Smallville actor, had him in grave trouble since 2009.
As per the buzz, Sam implored for mercy in front of the judge. And quite miraculously, his prison sentence was reduced. I am sure that this news must have spread like wildfire, compelling many a fans to watch Smallville online

Though much muddy water is being scoured to find if there is anything fishy in this latest verdict, Sam Jones would be thanking his luck. His heartfelt implorations have got people thinking. I doubt if he really is a sheep, and wonder if the statements that claim he hasn’t done anything for tilting the verdict in his favor are true.

The 28-year-old seemed have prepared the script to escape the legal blow; he has almost three years for that. And the result is right in front of you! Download Smallville to have a glimpse of this ‘bluff master’.

In a dramatic turn, Sam thanked the Almighty, just after the verdict was pronounced. Sounds pretty ironical, doesn’t it?

Well, if he wishes to please God, he mustn’t repeat the felony. This would be one way of repenting for what he had done. 10,000 Oxycodone pills were enough to ruin the lives of several people. And it’s quite admirable that cops averted a disaster.

But do you think that the federal court made a right move?

Maybe yes! We should hate crime, not criminals. And more importantly, Sam Jones has got another chance to rise up!

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